Get ahead of the game

Flexifi can survey your site and present findings on exactly what is required at a very early stage in the process.

This will present you with a detailed outlook on what infrastructure exists at present and what you need to build to facilitate your intended orders. We can then present you with up-front costs for the solution with realistic timescales on delivery.

The solution can be project managed to a close and the circuit order placed with your CP with the added security of knowing no delays will be encountered from an infrastructure delivery perspective.


Placing circuit orders with undefined timescales on delivery due to many potential issues can be a very frustrating, nervous and costly process for both end customers and communication providers (CP’s) alike. 

Potential Issues;

  • No existing infrastructure
  • Site access issues
  • Blockages within existing duct network
  • Traffic management
  • Local authority permissions
  • Wayleaves (3rd party land)

Flexifi can consult with you and your customers prior to any orders being placed to highlight infrastructure requirements.

  • Need your build registered?
  • Existing infrastructure in the way?
  • Splitting existing retail or industrial units?
  • Purchasing a building - what network exists currently?
  • Copper or fibre?
  • What speeds can be delivered?
  • Need up-front costs?
  • Do you simply need materials or advice?

All of the above are questions we can readily answer.

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